Breastfeeding class

Breastfeeding class

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Breastfeeding class

Not childbirth... but we just attended a free breastfeeding class at the Peterborough Family Resource Centre and it was amazing!


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    Nope! Its on Alymer St in Ptbo! I think in the same building as the early years centre?

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    All classes at the Early Years Center are greatt. The lactation consultant Mel Neal does a class there every other month on breastfeeding. Great to go prenatally. There is also twice monthly La Leche League meetings free for moms in the same place. Iam doing hypnobirthing with Jody Jill this month. I can get you details if you wish.

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    That’s so smart! Best to get all the info you need before the baby comes! Is the resource centre part of the PRHC?

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    How fid you like the class I have signed up for it. Thought may as well get all the free resources possible!