older kids mama

older kids mama

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older kids mama

is anyone else struggling with a teenager? I feel like there is so much for parents with younger kids and then bam you have older kids and are no longer included


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    I am really feeling this as well, give me 85 toddlers over the two teenagers currently in my house!!!!!

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    Yes! I have 3! Sometimes it can be lonely and frustrating! I was literally thinking just the other day about when they were small and all the play groups and play dates we would have with other Moms and there kids. We need play dates for Moms to teen’s now! lol

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    This👆👆…I’ve definitely needed more support as a mom of teens than any other stage!

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    Teenagers are so hard! They need to listen to what you have to say, but they know everything already.... and when they get into trouble it's hard not to feel embarrassed or like you've done something wrong as a mom. It feels like a very one-sided relationship a lot of the time. 🥲